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Truly Holistic Development Platform

Social-Emotional Wellbeing  |  Academics  |  21st Century Skills 


Furture Ready School - ClarifiEd

Future Ready School

Elevate your school to new heights of innovation, by integrating social-emotional well-being and 21st-century skills into the curriculum. Benefit from our evidence-based assessments, receive actionable data reports and implement targeted interventions to nurture well-rounded, future-ready individuals

Competitive Advantage

Stand out among your competitors by adopting international practices and global benchmarks. This alignment not only adheres to NEP's guidelines but also positions your institution at the forefront of the progressive education landscape. 

Competitive Advantage - ClarifiEd
 Meaningful PTM's - ClarifiEd

Meaningful PTM's

Ensure focused and meaningful conversations during PTMs centred on individual student’s achievements and challenges. Consistent, targeted reporting on student progress fosters parental satisfaction — your most effective advocates for boosting your school's reputation.

Cutting Edge Technology

Utilize pre-trained and self-learning AI tailored specifically for your school curriculum, along with engaging gamified application for students, while strictly adhering to international security standards and GDPR compliance

Cutting Edge Technology- ClarifiEd

Value for Everyone.

Competitive Edge for Schools 
School Owner-- Holistic Development - Scratchpad Labs -Clarified

India's First Holistic Development Platform

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