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Holistic Progress Card- Holistic Development - Scratchpad Labs -Clarified

Skills Redefined for Today & Tomorrow
Life Skills

Experience a truly holistic approach to education, where students' 21st Century Skills and academic success go hand in hand. Assess students using gamified assessments that cover over twelve distinct parameters, derived from a variety of globally recognized frameworks including CASEL, UNICEF India, and WHO Skills, among others.

This approach provides a deep, clear understanding of each student's individual needs and strengths. Close the loop with our extensive library of experiential learning activities and recommendations, tailored to address identified challenges, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience



Meaningful PTMs

Ensure focused and meaningful conversations during PTMs centred on individual student’s achievements and challenges. Consistent, targeted reporting on student progress not only enhances collaboration and understanding but also fosters parental satisfaction — your most effective advocates for boosting your school's reputation

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